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Marketing Services
Our marketing services include:
  • Logo creation
  • Website creation
  • Twitter Account
  • Create Youtube channel
  • Print and TV publicity
  • Product line development
  • Create Facebook page
  • Create Instagram page
  • Coordinate product photography and copy
All the services listed in the Marketing Services section are provided for a cost plus basis. OCC will add 10% to the costs to provided services in this area.OCC will be working with leading providers in Marketing Services. Our pricing structure is very easy and straight forward.
Using product photography as an example:
  • We will coordinate photography for all of you products. As you know professional photos are a key element of online sales. Let’s say you have 15 products that need photographer. We will contract with our photographer to have these products shot for a cost of $750. You will pay the photographer this amount and you will owe OCC $75, which will be billed separately. You will pay the photographer and OCC from your new US based bank account.
  • Similarly, we will coordinate a new logo for your company and product line. If the cost of creating your logo is $300. You will pay the artist $300 and you will owe OCC $30.
  • Our 10% fee is simply for our efforts on your behalf in coordinating and managing this process for you.

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